About Us



Hi everyone and Welcome to the Ozark History Buff website.  My wife and I have a great respect for the history and people that grew a living out of this rocky land they call “The Ozarks.”  Although I have seen many maps that try to define the Ozarks, I don’t think the Ozarks can be defined geographically.  I think the Ozarks is a way of life.  The Ozarks is a type of person.  Someone that is proud, defiant, stubborn and yet compassionate, caring and philosophical all at once.  The Ozarks is mushroom hunting, sucker-grabbing, inner-tube floating and a hundred other things that Ozarkers do our own unique way.

Our Story

My wife and I have always seemed to collect.  We have old tools, jars, postcards, books, photos of people we don’t know and anything else that catches our fancy.  Eventually we decided to combine business with pleasure and started Cantiques Collectibles- an online and consignment business that specializes in antique postcards, books and vintage collectibles.  A few times a year, you may even catch us at a local Postcard & Paper Show.

As we grow, we keep finding interesting local items that require us to research and discover what they are or where they came from.  Along with the items history, we have found that we are learning a lot about the Ozarks and its people.  Many of these Ozark treasures have a very colorful, interesting history and we hope this website will be a way for us to share some of this information with you.

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