Ozark Moonshine – Alive and Well in the Ozarks

Hillbilly and moonshine

The image of a lazy hillbilly in the shade of an old oak tree, barefoot and sippin from a corn whiskey jug, this is an image forever tied to moonshine in the Ozarks.  Long before the cartoonish image of hillbilly moonshine came along, our Scotch-Irish ancestors were just doing what they had always done, making whiskey. Corn grew well in the Ozarks and the same limestone rich water valued so highly by Kentucky’s bourbon makers, flowed in these hills also.  Corn would replace barley as the main ingredient, but the process would basically remain the same. The word “moonshine” is found in a lot Continue Reading →

Silver Dollar City Postcards

SDC train

Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO, the Ozark Empire Fair in Springfield, MO, and the Annual Brown Family Reunion held at Alley Springs; these were the places I would go almost every year during summer vacation.  Kids these days wouldn’t even call these day trips a vacation, but for us…this was the highlight of the Summer. Going through a stack of old postcards recently brought back a lot of memories from one in particular. A trip to Silver Dollar City in the 1970’s & 80’s was an all day adventure.  Highway 65 was a two-lane and Highway 76 was Continue Reading →