W. C. Cantrell – A Webster County Original

Woodson Collins Cantrell & son Earl, ca. 1910

The City Marshal in the photo below is my Great Grandfather Woodson Collins Cantrell. Although Collins Cantrell passed away two years before I was born, I was raised with many tales and stories of this stern, yet loving man. Raised in and around Cantrell Creek, he spent most of his life in Webster County, MO. Collins knew most people by their name and the rest he knew by their face or their family. Driven in life by a strong sense of family, he was surrounded by the large Cantrell clan from the beginning. His father John James Cantrell had 17 Continue Reading →

Sunday Best

I love to go to auctions. I do admit that part of the reason I love them so much is the food. But, the discovery of a great photograph in the bottom of a box is what keeps me coming back. You know I just can’t help it…I love these old photographs. Bonnets and bowler hats, it must have been Easter Sunday. The kids are excited. You can tell by all the blurred faces. They did not want to stand still on this day. Which person catches your eye as you look into the past? The little girl in Continue Reading →

Hunting & Fishing in the Ozarks

  A few times a year I volunteer with The Missouri Department of Conservation to teach Hunter Education. I always enjoy the enthusiasm of the kids (and the adults) as we discuss and learn about the history of hunting and fishing in the Ozarks. For me this is a great time to pass on some of our Ozarks heritage to the next generation. Until then, most of them don’t realize that the Ozarks as we know it would probably be much different if it wasn’t for our unique hunting and fishing heritage. One of the first settlements in what Continue Reading →

CCC Camp Palace, MO

As we often do on the weekends, my wife and I were browsing a local antique store.  This weekend we were at Memory Lane Antiques in Ava, MO when we noticed this picture of a CCC Camp at Palace, MO. I walked away that day, not buying this picture, but I couldn’t stop thinking about how neat it was.  I loved the look of the barracks with the white posts spaced neatly in front and around the driveways.  I love the old water tower and the water tank with wheels that look like they came off an old cannon.  Continue Reading →