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Dawn – a faint light brightens the east. The whip-poor-will calls sleepily to his mate. In the distance a crow caws, and owls who –whoo as they slowly fly back to the old dead stub where they sleep away the daytime. A rain crow’s chuckle is heard and a cardinal high in a tree calls loudly to his mate.

The light brightens – gold –rose – and lavender colors blend and spread across the sky. The plaintive call of the wood pewee is heard in the old hickory tree. Then a chorus of bird song fills the air. Robins, Orioles, Jays and thrushes – wrens – mockers- bluebirds and chats all now singing together.

A rustling breeze drifts by. Rosy lavender clouds float across the sky – a dove coos – the wind is still.

A glorious golden light appears above the forest’s rim. The sun has risen – the day is here.

                                                                                    ~ Ella Mae Brown ~

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Raised on a small farm along the Jack’s Fork River, Ella Mae Brown would spend most of her life in and around those same beautiful hills. Ella Mae passed away in 1970. I was born in 1968 and have no memory of her, but I know her. I know what she was like. I have seen the type of person she was. She speaks to me through her writing.

I learned about this amazing woman through her box of tattered journals, spiral notebooks and old ledgers, When I inherited them I was taken by my Great Grandmother’s knowledge of the woods, the animals, the flowers and the birds who lived outside her door. She has always been an influence on me, so I have included in this book, my own writings inspired by Ella Mae.

Ella Mae journaled for more than 20 years. She would write about the sayings, the places, and the people unique to the Ozarks. I love to read her words and have wanted to share them for years. These writings were her gift to her family and now they are a gift to you. Born of the Ozarks is a book for anyone that loves the Ozarks!

I hope you enjoy!

The Ozark History Buff


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