Sunday Best

I love to go to auctions. I do admit that part of the reason I love them so much is the food. But, the discovery of a great photograph in the bottom of a box is what keeps me coming back.

You know I just can’t help it…I love these old photographs. Bonnets and bowler hats, it must have been Easter Sunday.

The kids are excited. You can tell by all the blurred faces. They did not want to stand still on this day.

Which person catches your eye as you look into the past? The little girl in the front with the “Sound of Music” boater hat on? How about the “Sunday School Teacher” looking out from in the middle of the photo. The dignified “Southern Colonel upper right? Or the “Old Confederate” two people to his left?

My imagination takes off when I peer into the old photographs. I make up stories about these people’s lives in my mind. I would love to have five minutes with any of them just to find out who they were and what they were thinking at that moment.

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